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Strawberry Fields Forever!

10 Jul


Summer has finally arrived, and I am able to say that not only because we are able to keep the windows open without wearing a wooly hat, but also because of the evocative sound of the plink and thwack of tennis balls!
Wimbledon is over and the nation is in a collectively, albeit nail bittenly, good mood following Andy Murray’s heroic win on Sunday. I have to admit to not having been able to watch any of his matches in their entirety. This is partly due to the Lovelidor expressing his inner Border Collie and insisting on a maniacally repetitive game of fetch from the sofa to the garden, but mostly to the fact that I find it too much for my nerves and I resort to plotting the progress of the match by listening to the house erupt in cheers, screams and groans from the safe distance of the garden, and then of course running inside demanding “what just happened?!”
These days of course we can watch the match wherever we are, from secret desk drawers and under shop counters to huge public screens, but I remember when you had to watch it when the B.B.C. showed it, and for us this involved dragging the monolithic weight of the television out into the garden and watching Chris Evert in her pretty ribbons from spitefully finger nipping deck chairs. We also would not have dreamed of watching without the balancing feat of a glass of lemon barley water in one hand and a cream river covered mountain of strawberries in the other!
This year, to combat the dreadful spring, I have grown the strawberries tumbling from baskets suspended from a washing line which has been retired from active service. This concussion inducing arrangement, while very pretty, has resulted in a crop of, at an absolute push, six strawberries, not what could be described as bumper! So it has been necessary to go in search of a ‘Pick Your Own’ farm.

Now PYO along with DIY always sound to me more like an admonishment than an invitation and not altogether polite, but I continue undaunted along the winding single tracked lanes . It is glorious in the field, the straw is silky and sunbaked and the strawberries are sweetly succulent and of course I pick too many so I spend the journey home (much of it reversing into the ‘passing places’)reflecting on the possible uses for this greedy glut of fruit. Although there would be nothing wrong with eating them all just as they are with a ‘seize the day’ mentality, what follows are a few ideas to enjoy the strawberry season to its fullest!
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