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Hang Out The Flags!

29 Apr


Last year with the Silver Jubilee and the Olympics I think we did rather well at national enthusiasm! It was hard not to succumb to a frenzied bout of bunting clad flag waving. But this year things are pretty much back to normal. It was St. Georges day last week and while there was a flurry of morris dancing here and there, it came and went in a rather self- deprecating ‘lets not make a fuss’ way.

It seems that we continue to be a bit embarrassed by our food. Having been the butt of many jokes by some of our european neighbours we often fail to embrace our own cuisine and the hugely rich culinary heritage of our little island. When I lived in France it was not uncommon for friends to eat before visiting us for dinner (to be on the safe side I suppose!) and for the butcher to part with a leg of lamb with great reluctance, terrified that I might boil it boil it! I was also once treated to the translation of ‘Bon Appetit’ as being Good Luck!
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