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Humble Pie.

25 Apr

It seems Winter blinked and Spring jumped out of her hiding place! The temperature is well into double figures and as I walked the Labrador (Lovelydor) along paths spotted with violets I had to remove a jumper on the home stretch. It is also the first day since september that I have not lit a fire. Even so I feel a pie coming on!

Chicken and Leek pie is the stuff of life in our house; the promise at the end of the M4 on a wet friday night , the last night of the holiday’s dish of choice and the medicine for all ills and heartbreak. I have to admit that I am not a fan of the anaemic, skinless chicken fillet and so prefer to roast a whole chicken whenever I can and, as I have been preparing a lots of Chicken in a quince and lemon sauce with Alsace wine for someone’s freezer I have canteen quantities of cold chicken leftovers. Perfect for a pie!
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