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Miss American Pie

4 Jul


I am sorry to say that I have no claim to the star spangled banner unless of course we count my dual addiction to The West Wing and 24. I am also only able to draw from the experience of a very short stateside holiday that I spent either awestruck by the scale of things, or vertiginous from their height! So with this being the 4th of July I thought it safer to take the wider view that the concept of independence is worth celebrating, and what better way than with a PIE?

I am embarrassed by my ignorance of the great American pie traditions which, while trying to find ‘the ultimate’ recipe, became very apparent. So to address the matter I have spent some mouthwatering hours getting deeper and more deliciously lost in the labyrinth of chirpy American ‘pie sites’ and my mother’s legacy of wilted, torn from a magazine recipes .I have now learned that The Hoosier sugar cream pie, from the Shaker/Amish communities in Indiana, was considered a ‘desperation pie’ for when the apple bin was empty. I have also found out that the wonderfully named Shoo fly pie has its origins with the original settlers of Pennsylvania. They had brought with them staples that would survive a long sea journey such as flour, brown sugar, lard, molasses, and spices, and resourcefully used them to make pies through their first winter until the next growing season. I have also , although not at all in the spirit of shaker simplicity, made a note to myself to soak pecans in bourbon the next time I make a pecan pie in the style of the Kentucky Derby!
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